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With the rapid development of enterprise globalization, Apexel is looking for global Internet celebrities, welcome you to join us! Proficient in using social media (Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram), this account has over10,000 followers. Apexel provides the product for free, and influencers provide ads via video. Apexel provides telescope, microscope, macro lens and related optical lens products To learn more, let's cooperate from here APEXEL is always committed to finding

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Top Essential Accessories for Mobile Photography

While no longer new, Mobile photography is a hobby that is beginning to pique many people’s interest. With the continued developments in mobile phone cameras, we can all achieve outstanding photographic results.  Because almost everyone has a smartphone today, mobile photography is the easiest photography style for new photographers to jump into. Like any genre, mobile photography goes beyond the phones but

How to Choose the Best Night Vision Binoculars

Ever wish you had super powers? Just like Superman, whose hyper vision allowed him to see miles far in the distance. With modern technology, you do not need to be a superhero. Each one of us can have Superman’s vision and also can see in the dark. All you need is one of Apexel’s Night Vision Binoculars. The market undoubtedly has a multitude

Day-Night Vision Binoculars: Night Vision VS Thermal Imaging

As part of our series of photography guides, we first introduced all the best tricks for taking awesome pictures with a telephoto lens.  This time we will dig deeper into one of the best photography types for telephoto lens lovers: wildlife photography. In particular, we will share all the main differences between night vision and thermal imaging. Read this post through to