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Beginner's Guide to Starting a Photography Business

The latest example in our long history of new ways for people trying to make money from their passions is photography. From wedding photographers to professional photographers, you have plenty of opportunities if you are passionate about capturing life's beautiful moments. From stock photography to commercial work, there are several ways a photographer can make money. You can also convert an

5 Macro photography tips to learn

Macro photography works, small things through magnification, give the audience with a shocking visual experience, the picture gives people a strange sense of novelty, this is the charm of macro photography to us. So how do you shoot macro? This article to introduce you to macro photography must learn five photography skills. 5 Macro photography tips to learn 1. Keep your

6 Macro photography tips for Beginners

Macro photography is a special photography method different from conventional photography, macro photography is to shoot the object and the subject at a very close distance, and can get a larger image than the original object with 1:1 magnification, or even higher. So how does a novice shoot macro? In this article, learn the 6 macro photography tips that new

Take you through the advantages of 50mm prime lens

The 50mm prime lens is one of the most versatile lenses a photographer can have. A 50mm prime lens (also known as a fixed focal length lens) is a must for new photographers. It's versatile, affordable and perfect for taking all types of photos. The 50mm prime lens is a simple, versatile lens that is perfect for all types of

Top 9 composition tips beginners should not miss

Composition can enhance the artistic effect of the picture, you love photography, must not miss this guide to the top 9 composition tips. With a little more composition skills, you will not only be able to shoot more easily, but also make your photos more diverse. 1. Use perspective as a proxy The leading role should be prominent, but also

Is a 35mm prime lens worth having?

Many novice photographers often have a question, 35mm prime lens is worth having? So today we're going to answer that question, and the answer is yes. A 35mm lens can do almost anything a 50mm lens can do, with some added benefits. In this article, I'll tell you why a 35mm prime lens is worth having. Is a 35mm prime