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Apexel Smartphone Adapter (APL-F002)

Recently, Apexel launched a universal smartphone adapter (APL-F002), it connects smartphone to any eyepiece from 23mm to 50mm in diameter including telescopes, binoculars, monoculars, microscopes, spotting scopes. Easy switch between portrait and landscape mode. 7 advantages Proprietary design Fully compatible with all the latest smartphones One-piece structure that prevents loosening or disassembling Seconds to install. Precise focus alignment. Compact and portable with mechanical look Rubber pads help to protect

Recruit Internet Celebrity in the World

With the rapid development of enterprise globalization, Apexel is looking for global Internet celebrities, welcome you to join us! Proficient in using social media (Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram), this account has over10,000 followers. Apexel provides the product for free, and influencers provide ads via video. Apexel provides telescope, microscope, macro lens and related optical lens products To learn more, let's cooperate from here APEXEL is always committed to finding

The photographic charm of a telephoto lens

Telephoto lens is the lens that lets you see far away. Generally, more than 200mm lens is telephoto lens, and some special purpose telephoto lens can reach 800mm, 1200mm and so on. And everyday we can buy most of the 200mm or 300mm grade. Originally invented as a solution to the photographer's inability to get close, telephoto lenses have since

Color matching techniques for photo composition

Every time I see a beautiful photo, do I always feel that they have one thing in common -- that is, the color collocation is very clean, and the whole photo looks very comfortable and clean. So what is the color collocation when taking pictures and composing? Just like dressing up, people who can match clothes always give people a

Know the difference between a wide Angle lens and a telephoto lens

Many people often ask a question, that is, what is the difference between a wide Angle lens and a telephoto lens? So today to tell you the difference between a wide Angle lens and a telephoto lens, let's take a look. Telephoto refers to having a large optical zoom multiple, the larger the multiple, the more distant the subject can

Best Camera and Lenses for Product Photography

Visual content plays an important role in today's digital world, its power in conveying messages through attractive visuals and easy-to-understand explanations can attract audiences’ attention effectively. Even when your product has complex concepts that are difficult to understand such as blockchain products, you can use images, infographics, or blockchain videos to help your audiences understand your products easily. A photo or other